Capacity Building

I work to improve and enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time.


Website Design  

We build and optimize websites with a mobile-first design and a story framework, that are campaign-ready to secure leads and donors.

If you sense that your website is outdated, doesn’t represent your impact, and doesn’t drive lead conversions and donations, then this is a priority for you.

Strategic Planning 

We love working with you to refine and develop strategic plans. Our planning process will assess and define your community and online engagement, align your brand presence, and implement Lean Startup and Design Thinking principles so that you can develop ideas, test, and iterate quickly to maximize your outreach, communicate with constituents, and drive donor engagement.

If you feel like your organization is lacking connectivity and “Top Of Mind” presence with your constituents and donors then this is a priority for you.

Some other examples include:
  • Applying for Google Grants and setting up Google Apps
  • Identifying more efficient uses of technology and processes
  • Facilitating collaborations with community partners
  • Building a fiercely loyal community
  • Developing a monthly donor program
When capacity building is successful, it strengthens your organizations’ ability to have a significant, positive impact on lives and communities.

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