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Social Impact Strategist
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Marketing & Fundraising Specialist

I serve communities internationally and domestically, through thoughtful ministry, public outreach, community engagement, and fundraising. I’ve served in five countries: England, Mauritania, Gambia, Bolivia, and Mexico. I have organized fundraisers, community events, developed outreach campaigns and programs with several international and local organizations such as: Denver’s Road Home, Hunger Free Colorado, Mental Health America, Invisible Children, Love 146, Epworth Foundation, CSU Cooperative Extension, Art & Justice League, Global Refuge International, She Rescue Home, Confluence Ministries, Heaven Fest, Extreme Community Makeover, Extended Hands Of Hope, Project Worthmore, Colorado Village Collaborative, Bella Joy Gardens, & Kingdom Eyes.

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I love ideas and facilitating great ideas to fruition. I specialize in connecting people, resources, and causes for positive engagement opportunities – providing services to those who need them and connecting volunteers and supporters to worthy causes. I develop thoughtful plans for program, outreach, marketing, and fundraising goals that lead to results. I am a creative thinker and I enjoy the creative process in problem solving and planning programs, events, and campaigns that utilize print, digital, and social media forums to engage with constituents and the community. I’m a big-picture strategic thinker and a maximizer, who looks to make every detail fit for the most efficient and productive path.


I love developing campaigns that use video, print, digital, social media, and events to build a following, educate the public, and deliver experiences that will inspire a community to support a worthy cause.

“Patrick helped us develop a robust marketing and fundraising strategy, getting us to a place where we have been able to secure financial stability by creating a diverse stream of funding sources.”
Frank Anello, Founder & ED
Project Worthmore


Serving the community and those who are leading the way

I desire to see communities progress towards transformation in our hearts, minds, and actions. I believe we all have the infinite potential to be transformative agents from our business to our philanthropy. My intention is to be an agent that strengthens our efforts as a community. I do this by working collaboratively to build capacity and implement engagement strategies for faith-based missions, ministries, and nonprofits.  I take creative ideas and drive them through thoughtful common sense strategies. I understand that in order for any mission to thrive, leaders must be engaged internally to grow and adapt while people are being engaged externally to support a cause. I’m committed to serving the community and those who are leading the way for societal transformation.

“Patrick gave our organization an opportunity to think broadly about how we are communicating with people on all levels – through email, mail, in person, social media, and our website – by evaluating communication strategies that are tied into our fundraising platforms and thinking through how to communicate with people most effectively.”
Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover


“It was like a reason to live. It was a flourishing time in my life. I just felt good about myself. I just felt a sense of belonging…”
Rhonda’s story is the beginning of Denver’s second tiny home village for those experiencing homelessness.
“The campaign that we built, under Patrick’s leadership, highlighted themes that emerged directly from the words and experiences of villagers of the previous tiny home village. Our constituency then responded to the message by launching their own fundraisers that would go towards our funding goals. Patrick’s work is thoughtful, creative, and crisp. He communicates messages clearly through multiple mediums in a way that connects with human beings.”
Cole Chandler, Executive Director,
Colorado Village Collaborative

My Work

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“Working with Patrick was incredible. Our year-end campaign was stress-free, professional, and most of all, successful. He did a great job at capturing our vision and the heart behind our organization. He also provided helpful feedback that will benefit us for years to come. I highly recommend him!”
– Amber Kierra, Founder & ED, Kingdom Eyes –



Driving creative ideas through thoughtful common sense strategies

“Patrick helped us transition to a new email platform, and created a new mobile-friendly website, both of which were polished and professional representations of our organization that help us communicate the work we do with volunteers, donors, and our community.”
Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover


Building bridges toward the health, welfare, prosperity, and presence of Jesus in our communities. Through a collaborative community, we are developing campaigns of love, justice, and generosity to see our world flourish.

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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” – Matthew 5:9

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