Gifts to nonprofits from individuals, corporations and foundations in the U.S. total about $337 billion per year.

{Source: The Giving USA Foundation’s annual report on charitable giving.}

Of that total…
  • Individuals give over $264 billion; about a third to churches and other religious organizations and the rest to a full range of other nonprofit activities.
  • Foundations account for a little under $58 billion (16%), bequests from estates $31 billion (9%), and corporations $18 billion (5%) (figures from 2015).
I specialize in acquiring individual gifts that comprises 71% of total annual gifts to causes. I understand that it takes a community to drive a mission, and individual gifts provide the keys to connecting hearts and minds to your cause.

“Philanthropy is quite democratic and always has been—more people give than vote in the U.S.—and $20, $10 and $1 gifts do make a cumulative difference.”

– Patrick M. Rooney, Ph.D.,Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy –

As human beings we put our money where our hearts are connected. Do you want people’s hearts to be connected to your cause? 

Develop and execute an integrated strategy that will convey your story and connect people to the heart of your mission:


I understand the triple bottom line and provide strategic solutions to encourage followers, volunteers, and constituents to be givers.


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